Счастливое детство. Частный проект
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They need parents

  This year Karina will be 5 years old. She is very beautirful girl with big broun eyes, fuzzy eyelashes and dark curly hair. 
Inspite of that fact that she has her own problems with health Karina is very cheerful, tender, frandly and takes care of some babies in here groop (in keindergarden). She is very clever , calm and not capricious ans bothersome at all. 
Her story is not very happy. Rihgt after her birth karina was done an operation to delite an interverbal hernia. Operaton wasn't successful ans as a result it cased some problems with motovoty.  
When her mother knew the results of the operation she repudiated her own daughter. So Karina has to bare and overcome all these troubles herself. For a long period of time doctors were sure that Karina won’t be able to walk, but this small girl is a real fighter.
She tried to walk and some time ago (half a year) she managed to do that.

Karina really needs a long rehabilitation – special medical treatment, massage, doing special physical exercises. Only in this case she will have an opportunity to walk. This is very important for this young, full of hope girl.



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